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            Wicker is one of the traditional folk handicrafts in China. In ancient times, people only used it as an ordinary daily necessities. They knew that it was gradually emerging in the decades after the 20th century, and gradually became a project for foreign exchange earning in some parts of China.
            The main production areas of Liubian in China are mainly distributed in Huanghuaihai area, including:; Yinan County in Anhui Province; Linyi County, Shandong Province; Gushi County, Henan Province; Xiangfan County, Hubei Province, etc.
            The wicker is soft and easy to bend, the thickness is symmetrical, and the color is elegant. Through the novel design, it can be woven into various practical and practical crafts with simple and natural, beautiful appearance, light and durable. Its products include: wicker box (package), rice basket, vegetable basket (circle, ellipse), hedges, needle thread, banquet, enamel foil and so on. As the industry continues to develop and products continue to innovate, there will be more novel, practical and beautiful Liu products displayed in front of customers.
            The craftsmanship of the wickerwork is more meticulous. The main techniques of the wickerwork process are five types: flat knitting, braiding, drawing, laying, and wrapping. Choose smooth and tough branches, brew into a fine white strip like jade, and make it tightly packed and evenly distributed. For example, women's needlework, flower baskets, etc., sometimes dyed with cross-stained or high-skinned leather, woven a cross-shaped or square-shaped geometric pattern, very beautiful. Even if the food basket, basket and other coarse materials, sometimes with the skin green wicker and peeled white strips interspersed, edited into a body pattern, beautiful appearance.
            Flower pot sets. It is used to cover the outside of the flowerpot, making the flowerpot more beautiful, and is mostly used in living rooms and public places. Available in a variety of sizes and sizes, the upper mouth is large, the bottom is slightly smaller, the edges are neat, and it can be dyed.
            Hanging basket class. It is used to hang in the room, with built-in potted flowers or water to insert flowers. There are two kinds of shallow abdomen (for water flowers) and deep abdomen (for potted flowers). The slings are woven with plant fibers and are decorated with potted flowers or flowers to decorate the environment. Specifications vary in size. Laundry baskets. Fruit plate class. Animal nests. The export variety is famous for its novel style, beautiful shape and exquisite craftsmanship. It enjoys a high reputation in the international market. Its products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.
            Liubian is cheap and good, and is well received by domestic and foreign users.
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